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3-wheel Scooters
3 Wheel Scooters

Perfect as a first scooter for ages 3 to 6 years, 3-wheel scooters provide stability and help kids to learn how to balance thanks to the spring-assisted steering.

There are many different patterns and colours to choose from, some having flashing light configurations and the ability to fold up, such as the Elite series.

The ride-on scooters are suitable from ages 1 to 6 years and are ideal as a first scooter for younger children.



All scooters in this range are designed as a first scooter for ages 3 to 6 years, with the exception of the Evo 4-in-1 Plus and the Evo 5-in-1, which are suitable from 1 years old.

There are lots of designs and colours to choose from, plus the option of flashing lights on scooters such as the Primo Fantasy and Elite Lights.

If you want a scooter that folds up, take a look at the Elite series. Please note that all our 3-wheel scooters that do not fold up, the handlebars can actually be unclipped from the deck for easy transport. The folding system on the Elite series makes it easier to carrier thanks to the trolley function.

All 3-wheel scooters come fitted with spring-assisted steering, which allows the child to steer the scooter by shifting their weight from side to side. This mode can be turned off to allow the child to steer by turning the handlebars once they are ready.

ABEC 5 wheel bearings are fitted to all scooters in this range, ensuring a high level of reliability and smoothness of travel.