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2-wheel Scooters
2 Wheel Scooters

Suitable for older children from 6 years all the way to adulthood, our 2-wheel scooters offer a top quality ride.

Our Flow series is ideal for older children who need a robust and stylish scooter to show off their tricks at the skate park, which also come in a neon titanium version.

Our adult scooters are the best on the market, featuring a 1-second piston-assisted folding system, front brake lever and ABEC 7 wheel bearings.



Scooters such as the Flow 125 are designed for older children aged 6 years plus and are built to a high quality, ensuring the highest robustness and reliability.

The Flow 125 Neon is an upgraded version of the standard Flow 125, having titanium wheels, anodised details and stylish handlebar grips.

There are also much bigger scooters available that are designed for teenagers and adults, such as the K One 180 and K One Active.

The K One Active has height adjustable handlebars and a special piston-assisted folding system, whilst the K One 180 has increased t-bar stability and aggressive styling. Both models feature high quality ABEC 7 wheel bearings and front-lever brakes.