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The Plum Guide to Safe Trampolining


• Locate your trampoline in a safe place. This means not up against a tree or fence, on a hard surface, under a branch, or on a slope

• Maintain a safe area around the product at all times

• Build it according to the instructions and read the safety notes provided in the instruction book

• Keep the assembly instructions in a safe place for reference

• Ensure that the product stays safe by checking for damage, tighten bolts and order spares if necessary using our Spare Parts Finder

• Supervise play

• Always close the net opening before jumping

• Jump without shoes

• Empty pockets and hands before jumping

• Always jump in the middle of the mat

• Jump one at a time, to stop collision hazards

• Limit the time of continuous usage, make regular stops


• Let pets onto the products, this could harm them or they can damage the equipment

• Do somersaults or tricks

• Jump under the influence of alcohol or drugs

• Use the equipment in a way it was not designed for. For example don’t jump onto a trampoline from a raised platform

• Eat or drink while jumping

• Exit the trampoline by jumping off it

• Use the mat when it is wet

• Use in strong windy conditions or fail to secure the trampoline. In some circumstances it may be necessary to move the trampoline to a sheltered area. Plum Trampoline Anchor Kits can be purchased to secure your trampoline into the ground
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